Main Dishes

Creamy Cheesy Linguine with Broccoli

Whenever the pasta craving hits, more often than not I go for either a tomato-based sauce or something cheesy and it always hits the spot. There are so many possibilities to create cheesy sauces, but this potato & carrot based one is my favorite. It’s oil-free and healthy, yet so unbelievably creamy and absolutely satisfying. You can use whatever veggies you like, but I recommend broccoli as it goes really well with it. I also love to have some fresh baby spinach or mixed greens on the side.

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Main Dishes

Vegan Pad Thai

If I had to pick one favorite cuisine, it would be Asian. I just never get tired of all the endless delicious combinations of rice/noodles, vegetables, tofu/seitan and sauces. One dish i would have on a regular basis before going vegan is definately pad thai. A good friend of mine – who’s spent a lot of time in Asia – cooked it for me once and it was love at first bite. It took me a while to get it right, but I finally managed to create a vegan version reminiscent of the one I used to eat before and that – most importantly – even my boyfriend approves of 🙂

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